I don’t think I can really understand enough about 9/11.  I don’t even think I should comment.  I just really want to say that I am sorry that it even happened.  It upsets me just to think about it.  Ordinary citizens expected an ordinary day and these terrible events happened instead.  A lot of people were heroes.  The firemen and civilians were all heroes.  Co-workers tried to help each other and they were heroes.  There were also heroes you may not know about.  Some of those heroes may not have been there on that day or seemed to have much of a connection to the events. Michael Arciola wanted to go to West Point but after this tragedy on 9/11, he wanted to go right into the infantry. He went into the Army nine days after graduating high school.  Two years after he signed up, he died at age 20. His mother told me about this when we met at my house and my mom and I talk about that sometimes.  I think there must be other courageous people who were inspired by 9/11 to go out and protect our country. Those people are extra special.

To honor Michael Arciola and his family I am walking on Saturday, September 8th in the USO 9/11 Remembrance 5K Walk.  If you want to join my team, Stars for Cars, or donate, please go to http://uso911walk.kintera.org.  Select “Sponsor a Walker” and enter my name to donate.  So far we have raised nearly $700.00!

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