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About Stars for Cars Decals

The “Blue Star” and “Gold Star” Military Families need to be recognized everywhere we go.  Wherever the decals go, then that town or city they travel to will know about these brave families and they will hopefully feel supported.

◦      Each decal measures 5 1/2 inches, and cost a $10 donation per Star.  If you purchase them through the website, we ask that you add $1.50 for postage per Star. Please contact us for shipping rates on bulk orders.

◦      100% of the proceeds from the sales of the Stars go to the USO.

Stars for Cars is a non-partisan, non-political organization. It does not support any political candidates. The military represents all aspects of America, and so do Stars for Cars.

About Blue Star & Gold Star

The terms “Blue Star” and “Gold Star” refer to Military Families and their official Military Service flags, which use star emblems to represent family members serving during war or hostilities.

Blue Star

◦    Blue Star families have a family member or members serving in the Armed Forces. This is symbolized on a service flag with a blue star.

Gold Star

◦    Gold Star families have a family member or members who died while serving in the Armed Forces. This is signified on a service flag with a small gold star placed on top of a blue star.

To learn more about the Service Flags and Military Families –   Blue Star     Gold Star

Other Things You Can Do

When a “Blue Star” family has a member who is away, there is a lot of pressure.  You can offer to help with gardening, running errands, shoveling a driveway, or by being there if they just need a friend.    When there is a loss in a “Gold Star” family they need a lot of love, someone to talk with about their feelings, and they also need people to care about them.  They really need us to not forget about their sons, husbands, wives, and daughters.

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