Hi Everybody,

This is the first post on my new blog and I’m really excited. I want to use this to keep everyone informed of what I’m doing and how the Stars for Cars project is going.

Since this is my first post, I also want to share with you a few of the nice words that our Mayor said about me in his Memorial Day speech this year. I was very honored to be there with Mayor Bramson and appreciate his support and kindness. Here’s what he said about me:

There’s one other person I’d like to introduce to you. He’s a student at Ward named Jake Gallin. And after I read a passage from a letter Jake sent me a few weeks ago, you’ll understand why I invited him to join us. These are Jake’s words:

“I love New Rochelle … I love my school … I like my church … I like it because my church helps people in need and because Sister Connie and Sister Christina are awesome! I am trying to spread the word about “Blue and Gold Star” families … A Blue Star means that their loved one is away at war. A Gold Star means that their loved one died at war. As a community, we should remember. We should make every day like it is Veterans Day or Memorial Day. We should think of them and everything that involves the soldiers all the time, because they are fighting for America.”

That’s just one small piece of Jake’s letter, which details all the good work he’s doing for this cause, in his school, and parish, and beyond.

It’s sometimes said that the younger generation doesn’t have the same sense of patriotism or duty as their elders. Well if anyone feels that way in New Rochelle, I invite them to come meet Jake and have their faith in the future restored.


This was a big honor for me. It’s not every kid who gets recognized by the leader of his town, and I really appreciate it!!


You can read the rest of the Mayor’s speech here.

In this blog I’m going to do a bunch of different things. I want to talk about different ways that people can honor the Blue and Gold Star families in their community. I will post pictures from different events we go to and talk about them. And I also want to hear from you! So if you have a comment or suggestion for me, please leave me a comment or contact me anytime.

Your Friend,


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