The important line from the Pledge of Allegiance, “Liberty and Justice for All,” defines the American Dream.  Dr. Martin Luther King wanted equal rights for all.  All people deserve equal rights! This week Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta declared that women are allowed to serve in combat.  This means victory for the female service members who were denied access to go onto the front lines.    I believe that if you are good at artillery, then you should work in artillery.  People should be allowed to do anything that they want to do—no matter what their race or gender happens to be.  Women have been serving our Nation and have been sacrificing just as much as men for a long time.  They have been in combat.  They have given their lives.  They have made the ultimate sacrifice.  If a woman is just as physically strong as a man, she should have the opportunity to fight on the front line.

I have been reading about integration in school.  I have been reading a book about Jackie Robinson called “Promises to Keep” by Sharon Robinson and also “Ruby Bridges” by Ruby Bridges, herself. They both helped to integrate our society.   They were social advocates who believed in equal rights for everyone.  They both faced serious challenges but were able to persevere. There isn’t much of a difference between the fight for civil rights and women’s rights. This is about everyone’s rights.  Discrimination shatters the American Dream.

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