Volunteering With Friends: Spotlight on The Holt Family of Pearl River, NY

Dawn and Patrick Holt have three daughters and one son and they reside in Pearl River, NY.  Dawn is a Pediatric Physical Therapist and Patrick works at Fordham University. Patrick is the Assistant Dean of Fordham’s Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education.  Somehow they still find the time to devote an immense amount of time to volunteer in their community.  Not only do they volunteer, but their children do as well.  Please help me celebrate The Holt Family.  Again, so many people “brag” about all the wrong things.  Let’s start “bragging” about people who are doing all the right things.  Please take a minute and brag about The Holts, the organizations they have committed themselves to, and their community of Pearl River, NY.  If you “Like” what they are about, please comment or reach out to me.

Dawn Holt’s Survey:

1. I do volunteer!!

2. I have been the secretary, VP, President of our elementary school PTA! I run many of the committees at the school too!!

I am a girl scout leader and have been for 8 years!! I lead my daughter, Kerry’s troop!!  We have a small troop.  5 girls and all of the parents help.  We are finishing up our Journey badge which has to be complete to start on our Silver Award.  The Journey is called Breathe (it is about AIR).  We are going to plant seeds or plants in recycled containers and bring them to our local Meals on Wheels/People to People to put on the tables there. Plants give off O2 and we need that to breathe better and the plants need our CO2 to thrive!!  Silver Award…not sure what our project will be yet!!!  Stay tuned!!

Also, I am the fundraising chair and “boutique” chairperson for our dance school!

Patrick is involved in our wonderful church…Church of the Presentation. He has helped to lead the communion retreats and family faith gatherings. He is on the board of Child Care Resources and on the Chamber of Commerce for our town, Pearl River!!

3. I volunteer because I have believe “to whom much is given, much is expected!!”. Our family has been given many blessings and we need to give back to those who need our help. We want to be a part of our community in as many ways as we can!

Holt Blizzaed Packs

Girl Scout Troop 40788 (along with two other girls).  This is a picture of the Blizzard Boxes which are given to people who get Meals On Wheels (in case of a weather emergency:  blizzard, tornado, hurricane)…in the event that the Meals On Wheels people can’t get to them.  This picture was taken at the Pearl River Middle School on Gilbert Avenue in Pearl River, NY.  Kerry Holt is featured in this picture.  I assisted in coordinating this event with two other troops.  The other troops and ours ran the Pajama Party for the younger girls (Brownies).  Each child paid a few dollars to attend and was asked to bring a shoe box and/or can of food (we got a specific list of what should be in each box from Meals on Wheels).

The two other troops consist of 3 girls and that leader has been a leader for many years.  A third troop as approximately 8 girls and that is a very active group.


The food we collected at our PJ party in March. Holt Cans

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