Dear Neighbors,

Just because tomorrow ends National Volunteer Week doesn’t mean we have to stop volunteering or stop talking about it.  I would like to highlight all of the important volunteer work that my friends and family do.  I would like to post what you have to say about your volunteerism on my website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts (Stars for Cars).  Well, actually, my Dad will post it.  I know some people won’t want to tell others about what they do because it will seem like bragging.  I don’t really care for people who brag so I understand how some of you might feel.  But we aren’t bragging about our houses or cars or iPhones, we are telling our stories of volunteerism to serve to inspire others.  If you tell us about the organizations you volunteer for now or have done so in the past, then people can read about them and maybe become interested in volunteering there as well. So, your bragging would maybe inspire someone to volunteer or volunteer at a place where they haven’t been before.  If you aren’t volunteering, you can still participate.  Because we are now off on break, I can either come by and take a picture of you so that it could get posted with your story or you could send me a picture of you and your family and we will try and put that up.  We really want a lot of people to participate because we want to show off just how many people care about volunteering in our community and we want to tell people just how many great organizations, houses of worship, agencies, coaches, etc. there are.  We will start posting as soon as you send your story and picture to us.  There are only a few questions.  Please send your answers and a picture (if you want us to include the picture) to  The picture does not have to be of you volunteering.

Your Friend and Neighbor,


To participate, please answer the following:

  1.  Do you currently volunteer?
  2.  If so, please list the places you volunteer at.
  3. Why is volunteerism important to you and your family?

I don’t currently volunteer but if I did I would like to……..

For example:  I don’t currently volunteer but if I did I would like to help out at an animal shelter.

P.S.  My family and I will also complete our own survey and post my own picture as well.  Here is a picture of me with Phil.  Many people volunteered their time at Boulder Brook Equestrian Center to help Phil on his road to recovery after surgery.  I walked him and helped raise money for his surgery.  Just to let you know-Phil is doing great!  photo


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