I want to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to the “Blue and Gold Star” families and their loved ones.  Love plays an important role in humanity.  If there hadn’t been love, there wouldn’t be human life. There wouldn’t be the beginning of a life.  We need love to survive.  We need love to continue life.

Even though some of our soldiers have fallen, we still have to remember that they lived and they sacrificed for the other 99%.  They loved America and they wanted it to be safe.  They dedicated their lives to America and its freedom.  You won’t see a person with that much dedication to our country in an everyday civilian unless you are very lucky.  Love is powerful.  Nothing can destroy it.

It must be very painful for people to lose their loved one.  But I want them to know that their loved one is a true hero.  On Valentine’s Day it must be horrible and you might think that Valentine’s Day is meaningless.   I want you to know that your loved one will never be forgotten and this is how I am showing you that people do care.  Remembrance is a form of love.   I have empathy and many others do too.     

To the “Blue Star” families, even though you don’t see your loved one every day, no matter how far away you are-even if you are across the world-love can travel anywhere!

 We all love our soldiers and their families so much and we want them to know that. 

 Your Neighbor,



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