I read on the CNN Money website an article entitled, “Military spouses:  Their struggles at home.”  Five spouses told their stories about their experiences with having to deal with moving and financial crisis. 

In the first profile, Andia Dinesen, wrote about learning to live within limited means.  In the second profile, Pricilla Schrubb, wrote about having to live far away from family.  In the third profile, Katie Leiva, wrote about managing the finances on her own.  In the fourth profile, Mitchia Tull-Cook, wrote about how the relocation expenses can really add up.  In the fifth profile, Christy Schrock, wrote about digging out of debt. 

I learned that the families move a lot.  The Dinesen Family moved 7 times. The Schrubb Family moved 5 times.  The Leiva Family moved 7 times.  The Tull-Cook Family moved 4 times.  The Schrock Family moved 6 times. 

I was astounded while I was reading this story!  I never knew people could move so much.  I thought it must be really hard on the kids.  I thought about how I would feel if I had to move so many times and if I had to move out of the country.  I don’t think I would feel too happy.  It must be hard to make close bonds with people if you have to move. 

Now knowing this, these families sacrifice so much!!  They have to sacrifice even more than I thought about before I read the article. 

I want them to know people care about them. 

Your family is not forgotten. 

Your  Neighbor,


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