Some American Military Families are now worried about a recent threat issued by ISIS. ISIS was responsible for hacking the U.S. Military Central Command Twitter account. This created an impact on Military Families. Not only the fear that the threats would happen, but also the fact that the Military Families reacted by taking down their social media pages.  Social Media plays a big role in the lives of Our Heroic Military Families because this is how they connect with other families that Serve Our Nation. This is how they ask for and offer support to other Military Families across the country. Military Families should not be afraid to engage on social media or display a “Blue Star” or sadly, a “Gold Star” banner in their windows or on their cars. This brings us back to my original questions as an eight year old when I founded Stars for Cars: Why can’t Military Families just ask their communities for help? Why can’t they knock on their neighbor’s door and ask for assistance? More importantly, why don’t we offer “Blue Star” and “Gold Star” Military Families help before they even request it?

Remember to volunteer your assistance to your local Military Family that may live up the street. I am standing with Our Brave “One Percenters” in the face of these threats.  Supporting our neighbors is one way to stand up.

Your Neighbor,

Jake Gallin

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