I would really like to know what everyone did on Patriot Day.  I went with my family to an event at The Westchester County Center.  Volunteer New York! was there and out in full force.  I made cheerful cards for the elderly, wrote letters to girls in Uganda on behalf of Reverse The Course, and also made fleece blankets. The fleece blankets were made for Project Linus and that is a great organization that donates the no-sew blankets to hospitals.   I made an origami box and a boat with one of the volunteers.  Earlier in the day people donated blood and even diapers.  Volunteering on Patriot Day was very meaningful to me.  It also felt good to know that the “3 Holidays” announcement was being read at my school and in schools around New York State.  Thank you to the many schools and school districts all across NYS that participated.  I will be acknowledging the participating schools with a new page dedicated to schools on my website at www.starsforcars.org.  Acknowledging “Our Heroic One Percenters” during the school day is what I am working hard on right now.  I can’t say it often enough that 1% of Our Nation is protecting 99% of Our Nation. We owe it to them to show respect any way we can. Volunteering on Patriot Day is just one of those ways.  Having my announcement read in your school is another.  Visiting “The Rising” in Valhalla is also another. Paying respect to those who died and those who survived on 9/11 with active volunteerism is important.  Even taking a moment to say a silent prayer is a form of volunteerism.  Volunteerism is doing something that is greater than just you, it is about doing for someone else.    This is what our Veterans, “Blue Star” and “Gold Star” Military Families do every day for us.

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