My parents and I met with Mr. Blake Lintelman of Pepe Luxury Cars in New Rochelle a few weeks ago.  He is the General Manager there.  He heard about Stars for Cars and wanted to help.  He is a very generous man.  He offered too many offers to list here!  He offered to photocopy all of the Stars for Cars copies such as our flyers and our receipts that have the USO Tax Id #’s on them.  He took 50 Stars to sell at the dealership to start with.  He said we could use the dealership to host our meetings since it is such a spacious and amazing place.  He said he was going to make up table top signs to advertise Stars for Cars at the dealership.  It was nice to know that we both share the same goal in raising awareness about the “Blue and Gold Star” families in our community.  At the same time we have many personal things in common such as our hobbies.  We both share a love for automobiles.  Mr. Lintelman allowed me to walk around the showroom and he even put a Star on a car.  He put a Star on a white Mercedes GL550.  For the past year I have been interested in the Fisker Karma and the Tesla Roadster.  Out of the Mercedes, I enjoy thinking about and looking at the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster.  I read about it on a website called Top Speed.  I read that its top speed is about 192 mph.  I have been to car shows.  I especially like the one in Scarsdale that is in the summer.  I had to leave our meeting because I was getting ready for a horse show.  That’s when I learned that Mr. Lintelman was into horses as well!

 This is an example of neighbors helping neighbors.  Mr. Lintelman found out about Stars for Cars and wanted to be a good neighbor not only to me but to the “Blue and Gold Star” military families.  We became better neighbors because we found a common goal in helping the “Blue and Gold Star” families and we also found a greater relationship so we can work together better when we talked about the similar things we like to do.  Stars for Cars is about making connections with your neighbors and helping them.       

Thank you to Pepe Auto Group and Mr. Blake Lintelman for your support.    

 Your Neighbor,


Pepe Luxury Cars is located at 77 East Main Street in New Rochelle.  It’s on the way to my Grandma’s house!


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