I first met my rescue dog, Lucky, at the Scarsdale Sidewalk Sale in July of 2012.  At the time he was only 8 lbs., which is half of the weight he is now.  When I first laid eyes on him, I felt he was the dog for me!  We spent about an hour and a half with him just cuddling.  I just couldn’t let him go.   Sarah from Cat Assistance even let me walk him up and down the street!  Sarah is a very nice and generous person.  Helping dogs and cats is probably one of the kindest things you can do for humanity.

Sarah told me that Lucky was left out for a long time and found behind a house in Mount Vernon.  Lucky had to be shaved down when he came in to the shelter.  It broke my heart to know that a living thing had been treated that way.  I feel really proud that my dog is a genius and hero.  He is a genius because he survived on his own.   You have to be pretty smart to be able to stay safe, and also to sneak up on prey.  He is a hero because part of being a hero is forgiveness.  Lucky was able to forgive humans after they abandoned him.  He is also a hero for being courageous.

There are many dogs who are heroes like Lucky.  Some are regular civilian dogs who have survived something like Lucky underwent and some who are in the service or are retired Military Dogs.  Military Dogs have been used in service since World War II. They are still used today. We are lucky to have man’s best friend to help and protect us!  I will ask my Dad to post a second post with a link to an important website about War Dogs.

Your Neighbor,

JakeJake and Lucky



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