A year ago I was watching a TV show about the soldiers and their families on January 27th and that’s when I started on my quest to help the “Blue and Gold Star” families.  A lot can happen in one year!  I wrote to my teacher about recognizing the “Blue and Gold Star” families and she took it seriously. My teacher, Mrs. Tatarka, took my letter to my principal and eventually he allowed me to recognize the “Blue and Gold Star” families after the Pledge of Allegiance.  I wrote to many people including Mayor Noam Bramson who was quick to respond and was eager to help.  I wrote to Sister Connie at Holy Family Church and she created the “Book of Prayer and Remembrance.”  I wrote to all kinds of people and all kinds of people wrote to me. A woman in my parish, Mrs. Fosina, wrote to me because she wanted to help by making “Blue and Gold Star” banners for the families in our community.  The woman who was on the TV show, Mrs. Arciola who is a Gold Star Mother, wrote me.  We met at my house last spring and we talked about her son, Michael.  That was an amazing moment in my life. I really learned that her son, and so many other sons, daughters, husbands, and wives put their lives on the line and sometimes they come home, sometimes they don’t and sometimes they disappear.  Those are unfortunate times.  We should remember their sacrifices.   I also wrote to County Legislator James Maisano and he wrote back to me. He helped spread the word about “Stars for Cars.” He recognized Mrs. Arciola and my teacher.   He let me come to the Westchester County Board of Legislators and give a speech.  I spoke about recognizing the “Blue and Gold Star” families in our community.  I also spoke about my website www.starsforcars.org.  I founded the website to help sell star shaped decals to raise awareness about the “Blue and Gold Star” families.  I dedicated my website to the families and our soldiers and especially to Mrs. Aricola’s son, Michael.

There have been so many people I have met in one year because I wanted to help and then they wanted to help.  I also learned about and met some of the people who have been helping the “Blue and Gold Star” families for a long time.     

This year was a success.  My goal was to get the word out and for me, so far-Mission Accomplished!

Your Neighbor,


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