Today is Memorial Day. While many of us were having BBQ’s with our families this weekend, some were not. The “Blue Star” Military Families were thinking of their loved one who was not with them to have a BBQ.  They might have been wishing that Mom or Dad could come home for good.   They might have also gone to comfort those “Gold Star” Military Families, for whom Memorial Day is a very sad day. Some “Gold Star” Military Families may have gone to Arlington National Cemetery or the cemetery where their loved one rests to be with their family member. I was touched to see my community come out to Memorial Highway to pay their respects to America’s fallen warriors. Please remember what Memorial Day really means.  Please remember the heroes who have fallen for Our Nation and the pain that their families feel every Memorial Day, every time Taps is played on that lonely trumpet.

Your Neighbor,

Jake Gallin

\Memorial Day WreathMarins - 2015

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