My mom told me that the war in Iraq was over.  She showed me an online article from the NY Times about the end of the war.  I also looked at my map to get a better understanding of where Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan are.  My map is also my placemat. The article had a picture of a plane bringing soldiers home.  I said, “I wish that Michael Arciola could come home on that little plane.”

The war lasted 8 years and I am 9 and ¾ old!  The war was almost as old as I am!  The families have been praying and hoping for their loved one to come home for years.  I am happy for the families who have their loved one coming back. 

Some of the soldiers who come back might not come back to find jobs.  Some soldiers who are coming home now have special skills that could even be used by NASA.  There are many companies who want to hire veterans out there. 

For the families who did not have their loved one come back from Iraq, I support them and I will try to help them.  I always keep them in my mind. 

4,487 Service members lost their lives.

32,226 Service members were wounded in action.

Please remember our troops.

Please pray for their families.

Please pray for them because not everyone is home yet.

Please pray for our troops also in Afghanistan.

Please pray for our troops everywhere.

Last year I read, “War Heroes:  Voices from Iraq” by Allan Zullo. If you flip the book over there is another book called, “Battle Heroes:  Voices from Afghanistan.” 

It taught me that you really have to thank these people when you see them.  They are fighting for us.

Your Neighbor,


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