Hurricanes can affect all of us.  They affect the servicemen and women and their families the most.     You may want to help the Military Families that you know.  Imagine if your spouse or loved one was serving.  How would you prepare and lock down for the hurricane?  There is a lot of heavy work to do.  There are also jobs that require multiple strong people.  For example, moving your generator (if you have one) out to the side of your house is a heavy job.  You also need to make sure you have enough fuel for it.  Someone needs to be able to get the fuel for the generator and also for their vehicle(s).   There may be long lines for the fuel.  Another example of heavy work is moving the outside furniture to the inside.  Sometimes moving the furniture requires multiple people.  Usually, when someone is deployed, there is only one adult at home.  This means that they will need all the help that they can get!  During the storm, young children and/or pets may become nervous.  They might need comforting.  The child(ren) might already be worried about the parent who is away serving their country and also be worried about Sandy.  The neighbors could help by telling the kids that everything’s going to be O.K. and help with all of the preparations. Please help our Military Families as we prepare for Sandy. Please check on your loved ones and your neighbors during the storm and contact the Military Families in your area.

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