I am trying to spread the word about having an announcement I wrote said across NYS on three holidays – Memorial Day, Patriot Day (9/11), & Veterans Day.  Hard to believe but Memorial Day is just a few weeks away. New Rochelle has been so supportive about saying the announcement in ALL of the public schools on the three holidays.  I have our local representatives in the New York State Assembly trying to work with Governor Cuomo’s office about this as well.  We are now reaching out to our friends across the state to see if they will help.  If you agree with the message and feel that it could be  read as an announcement after the Pledge of Allegiance at school  (or wherever it can be fit in during the school day), please ask your Principal if he/she will do so for Memorial Day.  Here is the announcement:

We take this time to remember our “Blue and Gold Star” Military Families and thank them for their sacrifice, generosity, and we want them to know that they are a part of our community.” 

It was helpful when it was said the first time because many of the students in my school never heard the term, “Blue and Gold Star” and it opened up a dialogue.  I am hoping that students  find out about the sacrifices the families of Our Nation’s  brave “One Percenters”,  who fight for the other ninety-nine percent’s freedom, face when a loved one is called to serve.

If you are able to ask your school to do this and can think of other friends in other schools or districts, please let us know.  We want to keep a list to show Governor Cuomo and President Obama. We also want to share it with Mrs. Teresa Arciola.  She is the “Gold Star” Mother I saw on the Oprah Winfrey Show when I was 8 years old.  She inspired me to start Stars for Cars.  Her son, Michael A. Arciola, died while defending Our Nation when he was 20 years old.  He died while serving in Iraq.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this.  I know everyone is so busy!

Your Neighbor




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