On Father’s Day I biked with my Dad on the Bronx River Parkway.  My family then went to Manor Park in Larchmont and I climbed on the rocks with my Dad and we also visited my Grandma.  She is 83 and doing very well. Then we went to the golf range and hit golf balls.  I hit to 150 yards. My Dad hit to 250 yards!  My Mom also received lessons from my Dad. In my opinion, my Dad is the best golfer in the world. Then we went home and ate a tremendous feast!

Now let’s remember that not every kid gets to celebrate Father’s Day because their father is either serving our nation or has died.  Let’s not take Father’s Day for granted because not everyone has it.

Our “One Percenters” might not be able to celebrate Father’s Day with their families and that’s hard for everyone.  Even though the family might Skype with each other, it is not the same. However, in a Gold Star family, the kids cannot see their father at all…anymore.

Thank you to all of the Fathers who serve our country.  Thank you to all of their children who have to put up with missing their Dad’s.

Your Neighbor,


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