I want to recommend a movie called, “Brothers at War.”  I think it would be a really good movie for people who want to learn what being a “Blue Star” family is all about when they have a member or members deployed overseas.  I learned about it from Dr. Bonnie Eilen.  Dr. Eilen is my mom’s doctor and she also works with Operation Support Our Troops (OSOT).  The White Plains Chapter is led by her.  Dr. Eilen helps organize and sends packages to US soldiers who are deployed.  She started this in 2003.  Please check out OSOT’s website.  The movie is about her daughter, Jenny, who is married to Isaac Rademacher.  They met at West Point. They are both “One Percenters” and I think that is really amazing!  Isaac’s brothers are Jake, who directs the movie, but is not in the military and Joe who is serving in the military as a sniper.  I like how the brothers take care of each other, their families, and the community of their unit.  It is very courageous that Dr. Eilen’s family made the decision to go off to enlist and to war knowing that they might not see each other again.  For all of the “Blue Star” families it must be very difficult.  I learned by watching this movie that it takes a true patriot to go off to war.  It also takes a true hero or heroine to have their loved one go off and wait for them sometimes months and years.      

To the Eilen’s and the Rademacher’s– I want you to know I am very proud of you.  You are all “One Percenters.”  You have dedicated your lives to America being free.  

Please rent “Brothers at War.”  I saw it on Netflix.

Your Neighbor,


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