August 14 was Navajo Code Talkers Day.  The use of the Navajo Code Talkers was one of the best ideas that America employed to defeat the Japanese during World War II.  At that time, Allied cryptographers were being defeated as the Germans had the Enigma.  The Allies needed a way to securely encrypt a message to the ground troops.  America was thinking of using some of the larger Native American tribes to be code talkers, but the Germans studied these tribes and their languages.  The Navajos weren’t studied by the Germans.  Therefore their language was the most secret.  The Navajos didn’t have military items in their language.  Therefore, the U.S. made a translation chart for the Navajos to use for turning military terms into Navajo.  I hope you remembered the sacrifices made by the 400+ Navajo code talkers on August 14, 2015.

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Your Neighbor,

Jake Gallin

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