I wanted to say a quick word about the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The events hurt me just to think about all those lives lost.  I asked myself a question as I always do when something bad happens, “Why?  Why did it have to happen?”  In this particular case the answer was, “We don’t need to know right now why it happened.  We need to remember it is not happening now.” I think it is good to maybe meditate or pray in order to calm down.  My mother told me that for every worried feeling, there is a brave feeling.  I feel a deep sadness about what happened.  It’s not fair for the parents and siblings of those who passed.  I am going to pray for those who lost a loved one or was affected. 6 and 7 are important years for people; they prepare you for life. Those kids won’t celebrate holidays and they won’t see their families again.  Their parents expected to see them at the end of the day.  I am thinking of you.

We should keep those who protect our country in our minds and in our hearts over this holiday season. Tis the season to remember Our Blue and Gold Star Military Families!  There are some people who are not home for the holidays and those people are our service men and women.  Therefore some kids do not have their daddy’s and mommy’s to celebrate with and in some cases there will be no celebration.  I want you to thank your serviceperson in your community when you see one and acknowledge their sacrifice.

Your Neighbor,


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