“3 Holidays” Progress-Please “Share”

We started our massive mailing project.  We are contacting all schools in NYS by snail mail and email as well as local officials and the 62 County Executives in NYS.  I am asking that the following announcement be read during the school day:  “We take this time to remember our “Blue and Gold Star” Military Families and thank them for their sacrifice, generosity, and we want them to know that they are a part of our community.”

This way the students and faculty will take a moment to reflect on the selflessness of the “Blue and Gold Star” Military Families in their communities. Those who are members of these brave families will feel some sort of acknowledgement by those around them. In this way, they will feel welcomed in their community.  They won’t feel separate or different. Those students who are unfamiliar with Our Nation’s Brave “1 % ers” might ask questions and then have a better understanding.

In the envelopes which will be sent all over our GREAT STATE will be a letter which was written by me (and I will post it in its entirety at another time), and two letters of support.  Mr. John Barnes, Principal, Albert Leonard Middle School wrote a letter and this means everything to me.  All of the schools in New Rochelle made this announcement on the three holidays this past school year.  My city has embraced this cause!  Ms. Alisa Kesten, Executive Director, Volunteer New York! (formerly The Volunteer Center of The United Way) also wrote a fantastic letter on my behalf.  I am so thankful for her continued alliance with my cause.  We both share a commitment to volunteerism.  Thank you, Mrs. Susan Russon for helping to format the labels that NYSED provided us with.  She is a loving friend and a fierce volunteer!  Thank you to NYSED for allowing us to have all of the names of the public and private schools in the entire state.  I’m glad that you understood our mission. Lastly, thank you to those who serve and their families who sacrifice for all of us. Michael Arciola gave his life in service to Our Nation.  Mrs. Arciola generously allowed her son to put himself in harms’ way for us, so let us all work together to acknowledge the Arciola’s and other families who sacrifice for our freedom.

I will keep you in the loop of our progress.  So far we are working in our dining room and using it as an assembly line.  Please share this with your FB Friends and regular friends. Let them know that this is going to happen and if they want it to happen in their school, they can ask me to send an envelope with the three letters to their school district as well.  If your friends are not FB Friends of Stars, you can ask them to be and they can be in on the progress.

Your Neighbor,


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