Alyssa Grayson, 14 of Rhode Island is a 2015 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards State Honoree.  She is helping to spread the “3 Holidays Announcement” Nationwide.  She handed out the flyers at Echo Taps in May of this year.  She sent me her plans on what she is going to do for the “3 Holidays Announcement” in the State of Rhode Island.

This is what Alyssa told me about the Echo Taps event that she took part in.

“I’m excited to tell you that things went very well at Echo Taps today.

The weather held off and we had a beautiful ceremony. I am always so honored to be a part of Echo Taps. I’ve been participating since I was 10 as a flag holder for the Patriot Guard and all the people are just so amazing. I got to speak with RI Representative James Langevin briefly about your project and he loves the idea and wants to help. I also spoke with his Director of Constituent Services, Nancy Beattie, in more detail and she also loves your idea. I will be setting up a meeting in the next week or at Rep Langevin’s office to discuss your project as well as some wolf and environmental issues that I am working on. I will let you know how it goes and hopefully get some more pictures for you. He was in a rush to get to another commitment, so I only had a few minutes to talk to him. The picture is of me and Nancy.”

“Hi Jake

This is a picture me with a double blue star mom. Her name is Barbara-Jane Dardeen, also known as Wolfy.  She is member of the Patriot Guard Riders, State Captain. I spoke with her about your project and she loved it too. She will be helping me get in contact with the head of the Blue Star Moms to help get your project in RI schools.  The other picture is of me and David Laroche.

His wife works in the Chariho School system and is bringing copies of the flyers to the principals at the high school and middle school on Monday.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Alyssa Grayson plays a very prominent role as a conservationist for wolves.  She gives educational presentations about them, and she lobbies federal officials to keep the wolves on the endangered species list.

Thank you so much Alyssa for your support and keep saving wolves!

Your Neighbor,

Jake Gallin

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